1.    Beauty Therapy

2.    Hairdressing

3.    Make-Up Artistry

1.    Beauty Therapy

Advanced Certificate of Beauty Therapy

Institution: Madame Korner Academy of Beauty Therapy

Course Description: An accredited competency based training course to enable graduates to undertake successful employment as Beauty Therapy professionals.

Major Studies: All areas of Beauty Therapy including Facial Treatments; Manicure & Pedicure; Aromatherapy and Body Massage; Hair Removal; Anatomy; Makeup Artistry; Business Management; Nutrition; Electrolysis & Health.

Entry Requirements: Year 10 or mature age.

Course Duration: 12 months full-time, 12 months part-time.

Mode of Study: Full-time, part-time.

Accreditation: State Training Board of Victoria.

Course Outcomes: Graduates have found employment as Beauty Therapists world wide; have been able to open and manage their own businesses; and have found work in sales, marketing, film and television.

Course Fees: Full-time $7,500, Part-time -$6,950

Contact: Donna French

Tel: (03) 9568 2792

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Diploma of Beauty Therapy

Institution: Macquarie College of Beauty Therapy

Course Description: All aspects of beauty therapy. Diploma level VETAB accredited course. This course is also available in individual modules or by correspondence.

Major Studies: Anatomy & Physiology; Body Massage; Facial Treatments; Business Communications; Hair Removal; Makeup.

Entry Requirements: Minimum Year 10. Mature aged students are welcome.

Mode of Study: Full-time, Part-time, Correspondence.

Course Duration: 1200 hours. Commencement: 8 February 1999.

Accreditation: VETAB (NSW).

Articulation: Recognition of Prior Learning available.

Career Outcomes: Owning and working in Beauty Salons & Day Spa Centres. Consultants, Makeup Artists, Nail Technicians.

Course Fees: $7,500 includes uniform, all text books & working kit for the year.

Contact: Donna Moody-Martin

Tel: (02) 6584 2550 (phone / fax)

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Diploma in Natural Beauty Therapy

Institution: Australasian College of Natural Therapies

Course Description: Australasian College is the first College in Australia to offer this unique Natural Beauty therapy course which includes comprehensive training in all aspects of Natural Beauty Therapy, as well as extensive clinical training.

Major Studies: Anatomy & Physiology; Nutrition; Cosmetic Chemistry; Aromatherapy; Reflexology; Body Massage; Natural Beauty Therapy; Bach Flowers; Business Studies.

Entry Requirements: Year 10 or mature age.

Course Duration: 12 months full-time, 18 months part-time.

Mode of Study: Full-time: 4 days per week. Part-time: 2 evenings and every Saturday.

Accreditation: VETAB (NSW). Austudy approved (full-time).

Articulation: Some modules carry exemptions or credit transfers into other courses.

Career Outcomes: Self employment as Health and Beauty Therapist, sales representative, marketing, make-up artist for film & television. All graduates from the first intake of this course have already found employment in the beauty industry.

Course Fees: $8,450 (includes uniform, texts and complete work kit).  An additional $100 enrolment fee is also payable. Updated August 2000

Other: Please contact the College for a Prospectus or to speak to a course adviser.

Contact: Larissa Resitar

Tel: (02) 9218 8888 or

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2.    Hairdressing

Certificate III in Hairdressing

Institution: Headmasters Advanced Academy Training

Course Description: A full vocational course in hairdressing recognised throughout Australia and Internationally.

Major Studies: All 15 hairdressing competencies including cut, colour and style.

Entry Requirements: 16 years of age or over.  No academic pre-requisites.

Course Duration: 12 months or 18 months.  Monthly enrolment dates.

Mode of Study: Full-time - 5 days per week;  Part-time 3 days per week (18 month course duration for part-time course)

Location of Study:   Melbourne

Accreditation: State Training Board of Victoria.

Articulation: Articulates to the Certificate IV in Hairdressing (Advanced Certificate).  Pre-vocational training can be credited.

Course Outcomes: Salon Hairdresser, Salon Owner, Hairdresser in film and stage.  Can be combined with make-up training.

Course Fees: $12,500 upfront payment or $13,500 instalment plan.  Investment includes training, equipment kit, text book and study guide, Free4m Cutting Program, accommodation, transport and entry to Hair Expo in Sydney.  (Updated Feb 2003)

Contact: Coleen Leckie

Tel: (03) 9650 7300

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Certificate III in Hairdressing

Institution: Pivot Point Hair Design College

Course Description: This course is equivalent to the four year apprenticeship. Nationally recognised competency based training. Certificate III in Hairdressing (Trade Status) equivalent.

Major Studies: Hair Cutting - Ladies & Mens; Hair Styling; Long Hair, Perming, Colouring.

Entry Requirements: 15 years of age or over.

Course Duration: 1 year. Monthly commencement dates.

Mode of Study: Full-time, part-time, flexible delivery.

Accreditation: State Training Board of Victoria.

Articulation: The Certificate III in Hairdressing articulates into the Certificate IV in Hairdressing.

Course Outcomes: Qualified Hairdresser. Certificate III in Hair Dressing (Trade Status) equivalent.

Course Fees: Includes full equipment kit, text books, uniforms and product.

Contact: Mary Costa

Tel: (03) 9670 1200 or 1800 333 259

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3.    Make Up Artistry

Certificate III in Assistant Professional Make-Up / Certificate IV in Professional Make-Up

Institution: Make-Up Glamour Technicians

Course Description: An intensive full-time course incorporating the many aspects of make-up artistry.  Includes make-up and hairstyling for film, television, theatre, special effects, injury simulation, fashion, photographic and video. 

Major Studies: Personal use; High Fashion; Television & Film; Special Effects; Theatrical; Hairstyling; Art & Sculpture; Period Make-up; Drag.

Course Duration: 12 months (Certificate IV). Intakes in Jan, February, March, July & August.  Exit point can be after 6 months with Certificate III.

Mode of Study: Full-time day or full-time evening. Day - 3 days plus work experience; Evening - 2 Evenings plus work experience and one Sunday per month

Accreditation: VETAB (NSW). Austudy approved.

Course Outcomes: Work experience through the course provides future employment contacts. The centre is often used by graduates who feel the need to revise their skills.

Course Fees: Up front fee - Certificate IV - $6440  For payment by term / weekly payment plan - total is  $7,107.   Certificate III $4738 (Updated December 2000)

Contact: Penelope Whittle / Rhonda Weatherby

Tel: (02) 9389 8622

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Certificate IV in Professional Make-Up Artistry

Institution: Starshots Academy

Course Description: A one year full-time or part-time course designed for a career as a professional make-up artist. On completion you will be qualified to work as a make-up artist in film, television and theatre etc.

Major Studies: All aspects of make-up artistry including Natural and Bridal Glamour; Theatre & Opera; Special Effects; Film & Television; Photographic & Corrective Make-up; Hair Styling is an important feature of the course.

Entry Requirements: Year10, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Course Duration: 1 year.

Mode of Study: Full-time, Part-time, Evening & Weekend courses.

Accreditation: VETAB (NSW). Austudy approved.

Articulation: Recognition of prior learning available.

Career Outcomes: Graduates will be eligible to gain employment in television, film, photography, theatre, video imaging, fashion shows, photo shoots, magazine work, hair shows, opera, cat walk, location work, corrective surgical make-up etc.

Course Fees: $6,000. Flexible payment options available. Free make-up kit if paid upfront.

Contact: Starshots

Tel: (02) 9380 8060

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